Who Rapid Refrig & HVAC Services are!

Rapid Refrig & HVAC Services are a trusted, established, industry accredited and fully insured air conditioning and refrigeration company. All of our staff possesses their own applicable licensing and personal clearances, such as working with children and fit 2 work.

Rapid Refrig & HVAC Services specialise in installation and design of all refrigeration and air-conditioning systems including general maintenance. We tailor design maintenance and submit upfront maintenance contract proposals for any equipment. All contacts are in accordance with our client’s needs, budget and any apply all relevant Australian Standards and codes of practice. We also provide an emergency response 24hr breakdown service to all our contracted clients that ensure all critical failures are addressed within our standard rapid response.

We are dedicated to providing professional, honest, well priced, and extremely prompt services to all our clients large and small. One of our defining factors that distinguish us from other providers is our company’s industry ability and undivided attention to easily handle any task our client may need us to solve. If you require any assistance outside of our core services, we have an endless network of service industry associates that provide constant communication with our existing clients. We intend to continue to solve any client enquiry or needs, irrespective of being a standardised air conditioning and refrigeration business.