Refrigeration Repair – Commercial & Industrial

Prompt, reliable and thorough service with high quality parts make Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services the best choice for commercial and industrial refrigeration repair in the Melbourne, Dandenong, Bayside, Mornington Peninsula and Cranbourne localities.

Fully qualified and high experienced, Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services are authorised for refrigeration repair to all major brands and models of commercial and industrial refrigeration. Repairs for one or more parts may be required at some time, and it is prudent to have punctual quality refrigeration repair to protect your investment in your refrigeration equipment and system.
Leakages, breakages or other damage be dangerous if left unattended, as well potentially breaching EPA guidelines, facing fines or prosecution. Worst case scenarios aside, refrigeration repair are vital to get your refrigeration up and running and get on with business.

Types of Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration Repair

Many parts and components inter-dependently function in the operation of refrigeration equipment and in commercial or industrial systems, time is crucial. Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services repair all components from leakages to compressor / machine overhauls and rebuilds, in time and within budget. Types of repairs vary according to the equipment and application, including:

  • Coolrooms, blast coolrooms, freezer rooms, humidity rooms, cold wells
  • Display freezers, island freezers, chest freezers, blast freezers, upright freezers
  • Ice cream freezers, display fridges, upright fridges, open serve fridges
  • Cold water tanks, cubed ice machines, flaked ice machines
  • Brine chillers, beer chilling systems, super chillers, glycol chillers
  • Chilled water equipment, refrigerated machinery cooling, cold storage plants

Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration Repair Breakdowns

Efficient running of commercial refrigeration is crucial, especially at peak times of the year. Ensuring minimal downtime for your business, a fast response from Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services will attend to your repair requirement with speed and care. We are fully equipped to handle breakdowns and will get your refrigeration back into operation swiftly.
As experienced repairers in all types of commercial and industrial refrigeration, Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services are also carry the advantage of having high design engineering HVACR qualifications, full ARC license and all insurances, offering exceptional quality in service and customer care. We have the resources and knowledge to rectify breakdowns and execute back up plans as and when required.