Air Conditioning Installation Commercial

Complete professional commercial air conditioning installation solutions in the Melbourne, Bayside, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong and Frankston areas are provided by fully licensed and qualified experts Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC services.

The air conditioning installation in your office, school, factory, shop or commercial building contributes to the daily effectiveness of your business operations and the comfort of staff, clients and visitors. A professional commercial air conditioning installation by Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC services will provide a reliable, cost-effective, safe and environmentally sound solution.

Choosing Your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

In considering viable options in air conditioning installation for your commercial premises in Melbourne, first consult with Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC for professional advice. Highly qualified with HVAC systems, full ARC license and exhaustive commercial experience, we diligently implement strict OH&S and Australian industry standards and are able to utilise our design engineering expertise together with prompt, friendly service to deliver exceptional work on time and within budget. The many aspects involved in determining the solution that will best fit your commercial air conditioning installation requirements include:

  • Safety

    Including fuse, switch boards and CCI units. If unsafe or sub-standard, an electrical contractor

  • Size

    Taking into account the size, layout, infrastructure and construction of the building is important – we can do this while working with your draftsman’s, architect’s or design consultant’s plans.

  • Design

    Design configuration and flexibility is everything! It is vital to consider your required type of system, correct kiloWatts (kW), add-ons and facility upgrades

  • Quantity

    The number and usage of people in the building will play a major part in deciding which Air Conditioning design is right for you!

  • Environment

    The environmental conditions and energy consumption must also be considered.

  • Efficiency

    It’s important to maximise the efficiency of your chosen unit by weighing up the cost-effectiveness, performance and desired output.

  • Automation

    Automating your chosen units features can save you valuable time and money and increase safety. Eg dial up air-flow, 3-phase load breaker.

  • Life Cycle

    We can help you maximise your units life cycle by assessing the demand on the system and scheduling routine maintenance follow-ups

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning

After an in-depth consultation and analysis of your particular requirements, Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services will recommend and explain specific air conditioning installation systems that will best suit your commercial application. There are various gas and electric, wall, floor and ceiling mounted system configurations and systems including:

  • Unitary single package systems
  • Unitary split systems
  • Evaporative cooling – direct and indirect
  • Ducted air conditioning

    With or without reverse cycle heating or add-on refrigerated cooling

  • Electric slab heating
  • Cassette air conditioning

    With or without reverse cycle heating

  • Hydronic or heating hot water systems

    Panel or slab

Additionally, roof top, low profile, dual compressor, EMS controlled and demand response ready units are just some of the features and options available. In all circumstances, Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services Air Conditioning installation only high quality reputable brands with precision, care and excellent customer service.