Air Conditioning Design Commercial Engineering Service

Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services provide full design engineering and installation services for all commercial and HVAC heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in the Melbourne, Bayside, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas.

The quality of your commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning design (HVAC) is pivotal to the comfort, safety and successful functioning of your building or business premises. Affecting both personnel and product, the engineering design and installation of the system(s) you use are the expertise of Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services.
In small or large systems, the three central functions of HVAC, i.e. heating, ventilating and air conditioning are interrelated and if well designed and installed, are of mutual benefit in providing cost-effective, high efficiency thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

Air Conditioning Design Commercial Applications & Process

Commercial HVAC applications, engineering design and aesthetic designs vary greatly and Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services can also create specialised designs including custom fabricated ducting for particular design requests. Following a free initial consultation, an in-depth on-site assessment, analysis and quote will be provided, with our advice and recommendations. In working with you, your drafting or architect’s plans and design consultants if designated, all aspects are covered; technical and mechanical engineering design, costs, time-frames, installation logistics, safety procedures, aesthetic design, products, repairs and maintenance. The details and complexity of design are appreciably different but some of the more common types of buildings and businesses that require air conditioning design engineering include:

  • Supermarkets, shopping centres
  • Libraries, public buildings
  • Units blocks or flats
  • Clubs, pubs & entertainment centres
  • Restaurants & fast food
  • Light industrial & factory units
  • Hospitals & healthcare
  • Office complexes
  • Shops, retail outlets
  • Child care centres & schools
  • Computer & server rooms
  • Warehouses & manufacturing
  • Multi-level buildings

Air Conditioning Design Commercial HVAC Types & Benefits

Commercial air conditioning designs vary greatly according to their applications, structural housing and building restrictions. Each have a unique set of circumstances and requirements that require precision in calculation and planning as well as empathy in aesthetic design. The main types of commercial air conditioning design systems available include:

  • Radiant forced air

    Comprising traditional transfer of hot or cool temperatures and forced air ductwork with fans for circulation

  • Zoning

    We provide Single zone and multiple zone designs. Single or variable control panel systems are used for varying zones.

  • Varying Voume

    Constant volume and variable volume systems – refers to the volume of air flowing through the HVAC system; constant or variable.

In gaining the best advice and direction to choose the right type of installation for your commercial design engineering requirements, a consultation with Rapid Refrigeration & HVAC Services will provide you with expert knowledge and professional no obligation assistance. An on-site assessment and quote is available and in commissioning us for your installation, quality and satisfaction are guaranteed.